Key facts
  • Innova Cosmetics successfully works on the Russian market as an importer and distributor of cosmetics products for retail and professional market.

  • Our brands — Innova Cosmetics is an exclusive distributor of: Evercell, Hyafilia and Vmetall PromoItalia.

  • We cooperate with different distributional channels: Premium retail / Pharmacy retail / SPA & Beauty salons / Beauty Distributors

  • Brand Evercell is present in leading Department Stores: TSUM and Articoli Bosco.

  • We are cooperating with the most prestigious retailer Golden Apple and leading retail beauty stores.

  • We have professional data base of more that 100 Beauty Salons and SPA’s

Our brands

A new revolutionary brand from Korea, it's a real discovery in the field of cellular biotechnology. Unique formulas and active ingredients are developed in the brand's own laboratory - ChaBio group, which has been one of the world leaders in regenerative medicine since 1960.
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Evercell Clinic
Evercell Clinic is a professional treatment, they are an atraumatic alternative to injection techniques and effective rehabilitation after infrared/ultrasound lifting, threading, laser resurfacing and plastic surgery.

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The 5th generation fillers , combining the best qualities of both mono- and biphasic products. The developer of the HyaFilia filler line is the pharmaceutical concern CHA Meditech Co., Ltd (Yu.Korea) is a leader in the production of stem cells, peptide complexes, advanced medical technologies and equipment.
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V Metall Skin System
A comprehensive skin rejuvenation system with instant results from Promo Italia group. A unique complex of ingredients provides an instant lifting effect and radiance.
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Global Network Partnership with CHA BIO GROUP

Based on findings from innovative research in Pro-aging by CHA Bio Group’s Power Aging Wellness Center, Chaum, and CHA Biotech, the mecca for stem cell research in CHA Health System, CHABIOF&C offers total health & beauty care solutions. CHABIOF&C’s solution to anti-aging brings us one step closer to promoting beauty and health to women around the world.

Innova Cosmetics Global cooperating with Promoitalia Croup

PROMOITALIA GROUP is an international company that is a leader in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, was founded by Valerio Matano – who to this day is the main leader and ideologist of the company.

Today, PROMOITALIA is a leader in the beauty industry, because the company has been working in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery for almost 30 years. The company's representative offices are open all over the world: in Milan, Naples, Moscow, Miami, Hong Kong and Kiev.

The company's products are represented in 91 countries around the world. It is also an international franchise of turnkey beauty centers Promoitalia Anti-aging Centers.

And the Promoitalia Academy in Milan, where leading doctors and surgeons from around the world can receive training, and patients can receive advanced procedures or operations for thread lifting.

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